What makes us special?

United Wall Systems is unique in the fact that all we do is focus on thin brick wall systems – the thin brick, the installation methods, the accessory components, the design details – only thin brick, but everything thin brick!  We are THE most experienced group of thin brick professionals and we can put this expertise to work for you on any project; residential, commercial, industrial, institutional, sports, etc.


Our product line features the Feldhaus line of thin brick – the finest manufactured thin brick in the world – which we manufacture ourselves in concert with the most advanced facility and proprietary equipment to the industry’s highest standards.  The Feldhaus line is fully PCI and ASTM compliant and is suitable for ALL thin brick applications.  In addition to our Feldhaus line, we also carry several other thin brick manufacturers such as Endicott, Summitville, Sioux City, Marion Ceramics, Carolina Ceramics.


Our systems products include metal panel systems for interior and exterior applications such as TABS Wall Systems and Thin Tech Wall Systems, pre-mounted systems such as Panel Brick Wall Systems that can be used with a variety of wall substrates, and we even make our own thin brick form liners for precast and tilt wall concrete applications.  With our staff of experienced engineers, we are experts at the various design details/concepts, installation/assembly methods, systems components, and coatings/cleaners..  We sell all the parts and pieces to provide one-stop shopping for your thin brick project – and the sale comes with our free expertise and guidance throughout the project from design concept to construction completion.  Many of these systems include warranties for both materials and workmanship.

Wisdom and expertise beyond reproach.